Grillo Products

All Grillo machines are manufactured in Italy. When you buy a Grillo product you are buying quality. Components are sourced from European factories - only the engines come from American or Japanese suppliers.  In New Zealand, Grillo products are distributed and serviced by a widespread specialist dealer network throughout the country. Machines as well as spare parts ship to dealers from our Auckland logistics centre and remain available also from Grillo in Italy after many years.

Machines pass very stringent tests to check the reliability of the transmission, the cutter deck, the chassis as well as all its components. All components, from the simplest to the most complex, are of a high quality standard. The chassis, cutter deck transmission and the cutter decks themselves are built by Grillo using only premium materials and cutting edge technology - all this to achieve a constant and 100% controlled high level quality.
All Grillo products are designed and built to last and retain their value over many years. 

Climber Ride On Mowers for mowing safely on hills


Climber 7 Series Range

The Climber 7 series range is built to mow long grass on slopes and is best suited on smaller blocks where the terrain is not so rough or pugged up under foot. If the grass is long then 7 Series Climbers perform exceptionally well on slopes.  In fact, they are the perfect ride on mower for people wanting to mow safely on smaller areas where the ground is smooth but the terrain is sloping or undulating. For extra performance in tougher environments the 9 Series models have greater capabilities.


Climber 9 Series Range  

The Climber 9 Series range is best suited for large acreage where the terrain could be tough. This machine will easily mow down long grass and brush as well as mowing on steep slopes (up to 30 degrees) safely.  The Climber 9 Series is a heavy duty range with professional features for operators who want to mow often, and in tough challenging conditions.


Climber 10 Series Range  

The Climber 10 AWD Series is best suited for large acreage where the terrain is tough. The Climber 10 Series is a heavy duty range of ride on mowers with professional features for operators who require 4WD capabilities and increased ground clearance. 

Climber 10 series models will easily mow down long grass and brush as well as mowing on very steep slopes safely.



MD22N is a hydrostatic lawnmower - designed to mow lawns on slopes.  With a large 43" dual function cutter deck incorporating a “Quick Shift” lever on the deck you can change from rear discharge to mulch mode whilst remaining comfortably seated on the machine. The MD22 has an electromagnetic clutch and is ideal for cutting large lawns - even on slopes. With its powerful 22HP twin cylinder engine, smooth steering action and differential lock, the MD22 will mow lawns safely on steep slopes.

Front deck Grass Collection Ride On Mowers


Featuring an out front, floating collection deck, hydrostatic drive, highly efficient grass collection, and a large 200 litre collection bin, the narrow cut deck enables the machine to pass through 90cm gates. 



With a floating 46" out front collection deck, large 280 litre collection and electric bin grass discharge the FD280 is highly productive, fast and leaves a beautiful finish on lawns. Ideal for large properties where leaves are a problem or where it's slippery under foot.



With a floating 46" out front collection deck, huge 450 litre collection and hydraulic hi-lift grass dump the FD450 is highly productive. Hi-lift enables lots of solutions for getting rid of the grass and the FD450 leaves a beautiful finish on lawns. Ideal for contractors, commercial properties, Government gardens and Shire Councils.


Grillo 4WD Commercial Mowers

4WD, floating 52" out front collection deck, massive 900 litre collection and 2.0m hydraulic hi-lift grass dump the FD1309 is highly productive. Thanks to its heavy duty, commercial capabilities it's also the perfect solution for collecting grass and leaves on very large sites.  Suits contractors, commercial properties, Government gardens, Councils and infrastructure maintenance organisations.

FX ZTR Climber Walk behind mower



High performance out-front rear discharge dual mode cutting deck, quick mode change lever, professional hydrostatic drive, zero turn radius agility and electrically operated height adjustment and deck lift this advanced design will operate safely on slopes.


With its gear-less, hydrostatic transmission, out-front deck and walk-behind mode of operation, the CL75 is perfect for mowing safely on slopes or mowing long grass. 

Grillo Trimmer Mowers


Trimmer Mower 550
Grillo Trimmer Mowers clear messy untidy areas quickly.  Do you have overgrown areas that are hard to mow or access with a normal rotary or ride on lawn mower?  The Trimmer Mower makes fast work of them, and it's easy to get into tight spots.  The Trimmer Mower 550 is a push model with handles that can be offset - perfect if you need to mow up against a wall, fence line or tank.


Trimmer Mower 600
The Trimmer Mower 600 is self drive which takes a lot of the physical effort out.  If you have been using a hand held brush cutter - you'll be staggered at the difference using a Trimmer Mower 600.  For mowing into corners self drive is easily disengaged, simply by releasing a handle.  Self drive means it will happily travel on undulations or small hills with no effort on the operators part.

Rotary Hoes and Tillers

Rotary Tillers
Grillo Rotary Tillers are robust and built to last.  They are effective on previously turned over ground and can till at depth.  There's also a range available from home gardener right up to more commercial applications.


Rotary Hoes
Rotary hoes and Walk Behind Tractors are one of Grillo's oirginal product lines and have been in production for over 50 years.  As you can imagine with this kind of experience they are built to very high standards and they have a performance to match.  Walk Behind Tractors take a variety of attachments making them very versatile machines for small blocks.

Olive Harvesters


Oliviero Olive Harvesters
Oliviero Olive Harvesters are electric and light to hold.  If you are using hand held methods to removes your olives, the Oliviero will dramatically increase your productivity while reducing damage to your trees.  No fumes, no noise and minimal vibrations, these models are the ideal harvesting tool.