Grillo MD22N

Ride on steep slope Lawnmower with Rear Discharge and Mulching
MD22N has the same ground hugging characteristics as a Climber but unlike a Climber has a more specialized cutting deck - a 110cm (43") three bladed deck designed to create a high quality lawn finish on slopes or hills. Unlike the Climber range MD22N is not designed to mow scrub or very long grass.

The MD22N is safe to use on properties that are undulating and/or steep, but primarily where you need a quality lawn finish. The height of the deck is continuous - controlled steplessly by a single hand control.  Step-less cutting height adjustment allows you to select a precise finishing height.

The specially designed deck is unique in its ability to leave behind a great result on a steep lawn while safely mowing in places you couldn't take a normal ride on mower. The deck comes configured with a Quick Change lever to allow the operator to change mowing modes from rear discharge to mulching and back again.

With the deck’s rear mulch baffle raised (by the Quick Change lever) the MD22N is capable of mowing grass up to 25cm tall.  When the mulch baffle is lowered (by the Quick Change lever) the deck is set up for mulching.  Best mulching results are obtained when the lawn is cut little and often and the MD22N does a beautiful job when mowing the top 25mm of a lawn. 

With differential locking and front brakes you can take the MD22N  places you could never mow effectively or safely with a standard ride on mower. It also allows you to mow in conditions when the grass is damp and slippery - that would have been impossible on other machines. Its low slung centre of gravity and weight distribution allow you to safely mow up and down 30 degree slopes and across 17 degree slopes. And when it comes to mowing around the house, lawn, paths, children’s areas the MD22N does a beautiful job as it will not discharge grass clippings out to one side.  

For New Zealand conditions where many of the installations are on blocks that were once paddocks the MD22N is fitted with tractor tyres.  Turf tyres can be fitted on request as they are an optional extra.

• 110cm (43") multi purpose deck for a quality lawn finish (mulch and rear discharge controlled by a Quick Change lever)
• Front brakes
• Extremely low centre of gravity
• Stepless cutting height adjustment
• Balanced weight distribution to provide maximum stability
• Differential Lock for traction to conquer those steep slopes
• Low noise levels engine
• Hydrostatic transmission
• A large 13 litre fuel tank
• Ergonomic and safe design incorporating engine roll bar
• Will safely go places a tractor cannot go 
• Fitted with Tractor Wheels for NZ conditions - Optional turf tyres can also be fitted


Engine: Briggs & Stratton 22HP OHV Intek 7220 Professional Series
Starting System: 12 V. Electric Starter Battery.
Transmission: Hydrostatic - Kanzaki K66
Differential Lock: Pedal Activated
Brakes: Front wheels drum brakes and rear wheels park brakes
Clutch: Electromagnetic for blade engagement
Speed: 0 - 10.5 Km/h variable
Reverse 0 - 6 Km/h
Front (Tractor) Tyres/Rear Tyres: 13 x 5.00-6 / 17 x 8.008
Steering Wheel: Adjustable
Internal steering radius 380mm
Seat: Comfy seat ergonomically designed, adjustable, armrests.
Controls: Ergonomically Designed.
Cutting Deck: 110 cm (43") rear discharge and mulching with Quick Change lever - quickly change to either mode
Blade type: Three high performance blades
Cutting width 1100mm
Cutting Height: 25-110 mm step-less (controlled manually)
Work Capacity: 8,500 m2/hr
Weight: 325 kg
Fuel Consumption: 5.8 Lt/h
Length: 1800 mm
Width: 1100 mm
Height: 850 mm (with Roll Bar 1200 mm)

Video shows earlier model MD22


Steven Haiser, General Manager of Stihl Shop Coffs Harbour NSW Australia says, “The Climber Magnum (now MD22) is the best machine I’ve used on steep properties.  It will go where no other mowers will go, and cut down grass that other mowers won’t cut.  It does an amazing job over the very challenging terrain we have here at Coffs Harbour, and using it’s mulching feature it leaves a quality finish”.