Grillo ZTR Zero Turn Ride On Mowers

Zero Turn Mowers provide a zero turning radius which allows for faster and easier mowing. They are designed to be able to cut nice and close to obstacles such as fences, bushes and under trees, with thanks to the out front, floating cutting deck. They are able to cut so close they can even eliminate the need to trim in addition to mowing. 

These mowers are ideal for large properties, both residential and commercial. They are ideal for flat, contoured or undulating terrain such as schools, camping grounds, hospitals and retirement villages. Providing an immaculate finish to your lawn, zero turn ride on mowers provide excellent performance on large, flat terrain that needs to be mowed quickly even around obstacles whilst providing excellent comfort and safety. 

Grillo FX20 Zero Turn Ride On Mower

The Grillo FX20 ZTR has a number of unique features that makes it stand out from the rest. These include the ability to switch from rear discharge mode to mulching mode with a quick shift lever, the ability to change the cutting height of the deck electrically and it’s high quality commercial style which is built to last. Key safety features include a well balanced machine with even weight distribution optimised for use on sloping terrain. Find out more about the Grillo FX20 ZTR

Grillo FX20 Testimonial

Finding a product that is “fit for the purpose” is essential for both performance and operator safety. Take a look at this Grillo FX20 customer testimonial.