Grillo Trimmer Mowers

  • Is your mower struggling to cut high grass?  
  • Have you got areas your existing ride on mower can't reach easily or safely reach?  
  • Are you straining your back and shoulders with a hand held brush cutter?
  •  Do you have an injury or disability that prevents you using a hand held line trimmer?
  • Is time important and you'd like to get the job done faster?

If your answer is 'Yes!' to any of the above questions, then a Grillo Trimmer Mower will be the answer.

Trimmer Mower's...
  • Cut down grass and weeds as high as your knees.
  • Mow right under fences, around tanks, trim pond edges, and fit through narrow gates, access hard to reach places.
  • Are effective in both wet or dry conditions
  • Are stable, balanced, and light to manoeuver.
  • More productive and efficient than hand held brush cutters
  • Three models - now new X-Trimmer for less arduous applications - due September 2014

 Trimmer 550

Trimmer 600WD


Trimmer Mower 550

  • Honda GCV160 4.4 HP 
  • Off-Set Swing Body and TILT feature
  • 41cm high wheels
  • 550-600mm cutting swath
  • Grass Guard kit included

Trimmer Mower 600

  • Honda GCV160 4.4 HP
  • Self Propelled Drive (3.0 kph)
  • 41cm high wheels
  • 550mm cutting swathe
  • Grass Guard kit included

  • Briggs & Stratton 575EX 3.0 HP
  • 25cm high wheels
  • 450mm cutting swath
  • Adjustable side discharge baffle

What is a Trimmer Mower?

The Trimmer Mower is a line trimmer except it’s on wheels.  It's much easier to use, is more productive and also more powerful than a hand held line Trimmer.

Clears untidy areas, knee high grass and weeds. Mow the areas you can't reach, where your ride-on mower can't access or where it could be damaged by hidden obstacles. Trim right up beside tanks and walls, under fences and into the edges of ponds. Large diameter wheels and great balance make the Trimmer Mower easy to manoeuvre over rough ground.  When worn out, the square pre-cut line takes only a few seconds to replace. When the lines hit rocks, stones or hidden obstacles, no damage can occur unlike the case with a fixed blade mower.

Trimmer Mowers are a great solution for people who experience back, shoulder pain while using a traditional type of brush cutter.  We recommend people with this experience use the self drive Trimmer Mower 600.  The anti-scalping cup under the trimmer head keeps the line from scalping the lawn, and with the optional grass guard it's possible to mow right up to trees and flower beds without ring-barking or damaging planting. There are 2 model choices: Push with offset handles and tilting cutting head and the popular self-drive model.

Trimmer Mowers are balanced, light to manoeuvre, easy to walk behind and make short work of your untidy areas! If you have rough ground, or a lot of trimming to do, the Grillo Trimmer Mower will cut down your mowing time significantly. They make the perfect partner to ride-on mowers- to trim hard to get to areas, tidy up in small places and edges where you can't take the rider. Alternatively - if you struggle with using a handheld brush cutter - this is the machine for you.

Trimmer Mower Testimonial

As is the case with many small block owners there are always areas that cannot be mown with a conventional lawnmower, hence my need for some way of keeping these areas neat and tidy. I had tried using had held Line Trimmers, but the finish was never to my satisfaction. Read Rex's trimmer Mower Testimonial >