Grillo Ride On Mowers

Grillo has  a comprehensive range of ride on mowers to cover most mowing applications. 

For the rough and steep acreage or for long grass...

Grillo Climber ride on mowers are designed to extend your mowing, handle your rough conditions and be a safer mowing option for you and your family. 

For a beautiful grass collection finish on your lawn...

Grillo Grass Collection ride-on mowers produce a beautiful finish on your lawn.  With a large collection capacity as well as not having to leave the seat to dump the grass the FD (Front Deck) range makes your mowing task completely enjoyable.  Grillo FD machines have professional features and the ability to collect grass and leaves with ease.  From residential mowing right through to commercial applications the Grillo FD grass pick-up range covers every situation.

For when you don't want to collect the grass - but you are looking for a high quality finish on your prized lawn....

Grillo FX20 Zero Turn Radius with an out front, floating rear discharge/mulching deck - this is the ultimate ZTR for safe mowing.  Easily change from rear discharge to mulching and back for the ultimate in mowing flexibility.

For when you want to mow a nice lawn but it's steep....

Grillo MD22N ride on mower  provide low center of gravity to give you the ability to mow safely on steep lawns.  Switch from side discharge to mulching instantly and obtain a perfect finish on your steep lawn.

Climber All Terrain Mowers

Grillo ZTR Front Deck Mowers

See our Products in Action!

    • Mow Safely Up and down slopes of up to 30 degrees
    • Mow Across 17 Degrees - even when difficult and slippery
    • Control metre high grass on rough or steep ground with four Climber models on small and large blocks
    • MD22N model for mowing steep lawns on large blocks
    • Out-Front Decks have better access when mowing under trees and bushes as well as for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Professional features to make your mowing easier
    • Grass collection systems to make collecting more effective and less hassle
    • For non collection there's the FX20 ZTR model for finishing quality applications
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       Watch videos of Grillo Ride On Mowers in Action

      The Grillo Ride On Mower Range

      Climber 7 Series

      The Climber 7 Series will tackle terrain types and long grass that your old mower couldn’t cope with and will allow you to mow safely in damp and slippery conditions. The Climber 7.13 and Climber 7.18 also feature tractor type wheels, differential lock for providing better traction and front brakes for instant stopping. Built with quality components, 7 series Climbers will give you years of trouble free running with just normal maintenance.

      See all Grillo Climber 7 Series Models >

      Climber 9 Series
      The Climber 9 Series is the ultimate mower for heavy duty use on big blocks. Designed where maximum performance is required on difficult, sloping, uneven terrain where it might be rough under foot. Climber 9 Series will handle rough terrain, over metre high grass, and steep slopes. The 9 Series comes in two models: CL9.18 (shown above) and CL9.22. Choose between the 18hp Intek 7180 V-Twin or 22hp 7220 Professional series engines depending on the size of your property.

      MD22N features a multi-purpose 110cm (43") three bladed finishing deck. This provides a quality finish and is designed to mow lawns (not high grass) on steep slopes. MD22N features tractor type wheels, differential lock for providing better traction and front brakes for instant stopping. Rear discharge as well as mulching is standard.
      Turf wheel options as shown in the picture are also available.



      Featuring hydrostatic drive, highly efficient grass collection, and a large 200 litre collection bin, the narrow cut deck enables the machine to pass through 90cm gates and travel along narrow paths. There's even a Side Throw Kit option for when you don't want to collect the grass! This machine is ideal for residential mowing or for residential mowing contractors.


      FD1309 4WD

      Despite its extremely large 900L  grass bin the FD1309 is a compact machine. The hydraulic powered 4WD steering system allows a very tight turning radius of only 31 cm! The small wheelbase gives the machine extraordinary manoeuvrability in narrow spaces. A large 52" cutting deck coupled to a 31hp diesel engine provides professional grass pick-up solutions.  FD1309 suits councils, government gardens large site mowing where the terrain may be undulating and all professional grass collection applications. See larger FD series 4WD models here.



      With a large 119cm collection deck, huge 280 litre collection and electric grass bin discharge the FD280 is highly productive, fast and provides a beautiful finish on your manicured lawn. This is the perfect collection mower for large blocks or farm properties. Differential lock is fitted as standard to enable mowing on slippery areas or on slopes where traction is required.



      The ultimate grass collector. A hydraulically operated bin lift and grass dump lifts the huge 450 litre bin up to a height of 1.5 metres.  This allows the grass to be dumped into a bin, ute or over the fence! 

      FD450 is highly productive, fast and provides a beautiful finish on your manicured lawn. This is the perfect collection mower when you need to take the grass off the property or where you want to dump the grass into a compost bin.  FD450 suits large properties, contract professionals or councils.



      FX20 is a true out front deck ZTR machine (not a mid mount).The 130cm deck can operate in both Rear Discharge as well as Mulching modes at the turn of a lever.  This machine gives you the ability to work quickly around obstacles such as trees, walls, fences and edges.  With it's single pivoting rear wheel you won't hit anything when you turn. This is a serious machine with safety features such as Automatic Stability Device (ASD) to make it safe when mowing on slopes.

      Read a Climber Testimonial

      Garry O'Dell, Climber 7.16 User from NSW.  "We have been very impressed with the Grillo Climber 7.16.  In particular, the strength of the frame and general componentry has surpassed our expectations.  Both Carol and I use the Grillo and would not hesitate in recommending the Grillo Climber range to others who are considering it". 

      Read the full Grillo Climber 7.16 testimonial here >>

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