New! Flex Harvester for large scale operations

Flex Harvester is not only for olives...

 Flex model  for dropping olives and nuts such as:
  • Macadamia
  • Pistachio
  • Hazelnut
The standard Flex model has a 12m cable which extends to a battery power source. 

Flex Harvester with Composite Fingers.

Most fingers on other harvesters are made from Carbon Fibre or plastic.  Flex composite fingers are made from the newly developed material called AX01 which is both elastic and flexible.  The fingers are not only tough and flexible but their design allows for an operating movement from 10cm - 60cm.  This means that all types of olives from easy to remove through to hard to remove are catered for.

An embedded speed control is built into the power cable.

Flex Harvester is also perfect for Electronic Flower Thinning

Manual thinning on fruit trees is very expensive and is one of the most expensive elements of production. Intensive mechanical thinning cannot be done by everyone but Flex-Flower is an up-to-date, practical and economical solution.  Fruit trees that can be thinned out include:
  • Apple flower thinning
  • Peaches flower thinning
  • Apricot flower thinning
  • Plum flower thinning
  • Nectarines flower thinning

Recommended NZ Retail Pricing incl GST:

Flex (for large scale harvesting operations) $1,690.00

Freight cost to anywhere in NZ $100.00
Battery power source for Flex model supplied by operator