Grillo FX27 ZTR
Fast, highly manoeuvrable, outfront deck, rear discharge and mulching

The Grillo FX27 is a professional ZTR mower perfect for large properties where there are wide, open spaces maybe with trees and bushes to mow underneath.

The out-front floating deck allows the operator to mow into corners, under bushes and trees and offers excellent visibility due to the cutting deck being in front of the operator. Because the deck follows the contours of the land, adapting itself to uneven surfaces to avoid scalping, the mower produces a quality finish which results in a beautiful looking lawn.

FX27 has unique features that differentiate this machine from other more common mid mount ZTR mower's.  As a commercial style machine it's been designed particularly for the professional operator.  Comfort, stability, ease of use and practical deck features set this machine apart from other run of the mill ZTR mowers.

Due to its out-front position, the deck can be lifted up and down electrically by depressing a switch - no manual back breaking lifting!  You no longer have to drive the machine up ramps to be able to get at the underside of the deck. Once work is finished the deck can be electrically lifted to allow cleaning, blade sharpening or other maintenance.

Also the cutting height of the deck can be controlled electrically through the same switch and this provides step-less adjustment over the entire cutting range.  This is of great benefit when it comes to mowing grass of different heights.

However, one of the best attributes of the FX27 is the ability to be able to switch from rear discharge mode (cut and drop) to mulching mode by pulling a handy Quick Shift lever.  Even if the grass is long, this machine can be used to cut the grass and then go back over and mulch it.  Because the deck does not throw the grass out to one side you get a wide, even, swathe of cut grass left behind the rear of the machine making for a tidy finish and easy to mulch should you pass over it again.

Safety is of paramount importance when choosing to use a ZTR machine on sloping terrain.  The FX27 has therefore been optimised for these challenging conditions.  Grillo have produced an extremely well balanced machine with a very low centre of gravity and seat position.  The large front driving wheels are centered together with the twin fuel tanks resulting in even weight distribution making the FX27 safe for using on slopes. The FX27 is also equipped with an Automatic Stability Device (ASD) which further enhances the machine's performance by keeping the rear wheel on the ground when travelling down hill.


Engine: Briggs & Stratton Series 8270 Commercial
Electric start: 12 v battery
Transmission: Hydrostatic transmission with ZT3100 ZM Hydro-Gear built-in pump.
Electricmagnetic clutch for blade engage

Ground speed: 0-12.0 km/h with lever control
Cutting height: From 25 mm to 100 mm
Deck: Floating 52" (1320mm) with 3 Blades, rear discharge/mulching operated by lever from driver's seat
Turning Radius: Zero turn radius
Deck cutting width: 49" (1242mm)
Cutting height: electric, continuously adjustable from 30mm to 90mm
Deck lift: electric, up to 80 degrees
Park Brake: In-built within hydrostatic transmission, auto operates when levers opened
Seat: Comfort seat with armrests, tipping controlled by gas strut
Steering system: Levers with height and length adjustment
ROPS not available at this time.
Length: 2580mm
Width: 1120 mm
Height: 1700 mm
Productivity: 13000 m2/h (indicative)
Weight: 484 kg
Fuel Tank: Two 15 litre with interconnected tanks and fuel level indicator

Read a Testimonial on FX27 ZTR

Brian Hornery - a user from NSW.  "We have researched the market to find the right equipment to help me maintain my acerage.  After recently looking at many brand names being demonstrated, I know I selected the correct gear "fit for purpose......"  


Above, this 5 minute video shows the Grillo FX20 working around a school pool.

Above, this shows the Grillo FX20 mulching and then operating in rear discharge mode.

Above, this short video graphic shows a simulated view of the cutting system, flexible deck mount and ASD.