Grillo FM1309 4WD Commercial Ride On Mower

For mowing large sites where cut quality is important
FM1309 is used on large commercial sites where the grass does not need to be collected.  The hydraulic powered 4WD steering system allows a very tight turning radius of only 31 cm! The small wheelbase gives the machine extraordinary manoeuvrability in narrow spaces.

Cutting on steep slopes or transversally across inclined hillsides is helped by excellent weight distribution as well as by automatically or manually activating the differential locking device in conditions of extreme steepness.  The pivoting rear axle allows drive to all 4 wheels even when cutting on uneven ground.  There are no problems with the FM1309 in mounting kerbs as the out-front cutter deck can be hydraulically lifted to get over obstacles. Hydraulics are also used to achieve a step-less cutting height plus there is a hydraulic take off outlet.

FM1309 is fitted with a Yanmar diesel engine model 3TNV82, with 3 cylinders and rated at 31HP.
The engine is liquid cooled with a self-cleaning radiator and the electric fan is able to reverse its rotation in order to remove grass and debris from the radiator. Engagement of this system is automatic and controlled by a sensor, but can also be activated manually.
FM1309’s driving position is ergonomic and designed in such a way that the operator will not feel undue fatigue even after long periods of work. The machine has a wide, comfortable and adjustable driving seat which is dampened and fitted with arm-rests. All hydraulic controls for the cutter deck are operated by means of practical electric push-buttons. Acoustic comfort is achieved by an innovative air flow reduction system and by a noise reduced engine. A driver’s comfort cabin with a large view field with heating is an optional extra. The machine is homologated for road use.
Available decks: Cutter deck MP 130 cm with three blades and twin functions:  rear discharge or mulching by simply moving a lever, whilst the cutter deck LMP 160cm with three blades and triple functions: side discharge, rear discharge and mulch.  There is also available an all purpose 135cm flail deck with a blades scarifier kit and a 150 cm hydraulically operated snow blade.


Engine: Yanmar 3TNV82, 1331 cc, 3 cyl 31 hp (23kW) @ 3,000 RPM Torque 80Nm @ 2,000 RPM 
Liquid cooled with hydraulic impeller and equipped with automatic radiator cleaning device Dry air filter with interchaneable filter cartridges
Start electric, with 12V battery
Fuel supply - diesel

Fuel tank capacity: 25 litres
Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 20 litres

Drive: Hydraulic, 4 wheel drive (permanent even with narrow turn radius)
Gearbox: Hydrostatic transmission with hydraulic motors on each of the 4 wheels
Clutch: Electromagnetic PTO clutch with magnetic blade brake
Cutting Decks: 160cm (63") Out-front cutting deck rear discharge, side discharge and mulching.  Optional 130cm cutting deck rear discharge and mulching with hydraulically operated Quick Shift lever  - Hydraulically lifted 
All purpose flail deck 135cm with scarifier kit.

Cutting height: Step-less cutting height adjustment from 20 to 100 mm - Hydraulically controlled

Differential locking:
 Automatic and manual by push button control

Hydraulic bank: Twin hydraulic take -off 18L/min, 120 bar

Front tyres: 23x10.50-12 Turf wheels
Rear tyres: 18x8.5-8 Turf wheels

Steering system: Steering wheel fixed on a reclining column
Speed: 0-15 km/h (forward)

Inner turning radius: 31 cm

Drivers Seat: Dampened, adjustable by means of a lever

Parking and service brake: Disk brakes

Mowing capacity per hour (indicative): 12,000 m2/hr

Accessories: Lights, horn and indicators are standard.
Utility box 105cm x 105cm

Length: 3250 mm
Width: 1410 mm
Height: 1750 mm

Distance between axles: 1230 mm
Clear span from ground: 150 mm
Weight: 1150kgs (with  LMP160 deck)