Grillo FD450 Collection Ride On Mower

Exceptional collection & top quality finish with H-Lift Grass Dump

The FD450 is perfect for large properties where owners or mowing professionals want a wide cut, a top quality grass collection finish and the ability to dump the collected grass or leaf debris off-site. 

The out-front floating deck allows the operator to mow into corners, under bushes and trees and offers excellent visibility. Because the deck follows the contours of the land, the mower produces a quality finish which results in a beautiful looking lawn.  If you need to lift the deck to get over kerbs it's simply a case of pushing a button to hydraulically raise it.

The FD450 collects 450 litres of grass – much larger capacity than most commercial machines and with it’s 46” out-front deck can reduce mowing time dramatically. 

The FD 450 offers extraordinarily good grass and leaf collection performance. Its unique deck shape and blade design produces excellent airflow which eliminates grass blocking. The innovative cutting system, "Grillo Overblow", allows tremendous acceleration of the grass/air flow into the discharge chute considerably increasing its collection capability, even in damp,wet conditions whilst at the same time keeping its noise level of the whole cutting/collecting system extremley low.

The three bladed cutting system and direct rear collection, operates without the need for fans or an impeller. Hydraulic dumping takes away all the hard work of emptying the grass. Simply drive up to your bin or ute/truck and tip out the grass by pushing a switch.  The hydraulics takes care of the lifting and tipping functions. 

The FD450 is steering wheel driven and the rear wheel steer system produces easy, tight and responsive performance – it is a pleasure to drive. Turning on full lock leaves less than 40cm of uncut grass - ideal for mowing around trees. 

The FD450 features differential lock to increase traction on the driving wheels and a pivoting rear wheel axle to increase stability over uneven ground. The parallelogram deck support keeps the cutting level uniform at all cutting heights. The deck cutting height can be adjusted steplessly by means of an electric switch. Blade engage is by means of  an electric clutch.

A quick release lever enables the cutting deck to be released so that it can be raised to the vertical position for easy maintenance.  A hose washing port allows for easy deck cleaning after use.


Engine: Briggs & Stratton Intek 7220 Professional Series V-Twin 
Electric start with 12 V battery
Supply fuel: Petrol
Displacement 656 cc, 2 Cylinders
Power 22 HP (16.2 kW) @ 3300 rpm
Torque 38.7 Nm @ 2800 rpm
Air cooled 
Dry air filter .

Fuel tank capacity: 17 litres (reserve tank 2.5 litres)
Drive: K66 hydrostatic transmission 1” shaft with in-built differential locking
Clutch: Electromagnetic PTO clutch with magnetic blade brake
Cutting Deck: Out-front cutting deck with collection and direct discharge.  Solid, puncture proof deck wheels. Deck can be raised to vertical position for blade maintenance. Water port for cleaning
Cutting deck configuration: 3 non-timed rotating blades with external reinforcement on deck
Cutting deck width: 1190 mm
Cutting width: 1130 mm
Cutting height: Step-less electric cutting height adjustment from 25 to 90 mm
Grass collector capacity: 450 litres with full grass catcher automatic blade disengage when bin is full.
Grass collector discharging system: Direct collection, no fan.
Grass-catcher bin and high-lift hydraulically operated.
Movements are activated through electric buttons. The grass-catcher bin door is automatically activated.

Maximum Hi-Lift discharging height: 1500 mm

Rear projection: 570 mm

Differential locking: Mechanical within hydrostatic gearbox with on demand foot pedal control

Front tyres: 20x10.0-8 Turf wheels
Rear tyres: 15x6.0-6 Turf wheels

Steering system: Steering wheel with rack and pinion.  Rear wheel steer, forward and reverse gear engaged through foot pedal

Speed: 0-11 km/h (forward) and 0-6 km/h (reverse) through foot pedal control

Inner turning radius: 30 cm

Drivers Seat: Dampened, adjustable by means of a lever

Parking brake: Disk brake

Deck lift: Electric button

Mowing capacity per hour (indicative): 8,000 m2/hr

Accessories in series: Tow bar, a Mulching kit is an optional attachment

Length: 2680 mm
Width: 1190 mm
Height: 1450 mm

Weight: 385kgs


Video below shows FD450 collecting grass on a manicured lawn Video below shows FD450 collecting grass and leaves in a park - Hamilton, NZ